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Run Club Victory.
October 17, 2007, 6:22 am
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wine bottle 005

So, Race Club was far more successful tonight than last time. For one thing, I ran the pace I hope to compete at for the next big run (more on it later) and didn’t collapse, strain or pull any muscles. I am on track to not flop on the 30th!

Better still, on the stretch leg, this guy wearing a red shirt and red bandanna (remember that I usually wear a navy shirt with red shorts…and always seem to stand out in a running crowd) pointed at me as he ran past me. I was all, like, “huh?” Anyways, he SPRINTS by me at the end laughing and congratulates me at the end for a good run. I said the same to him. His name is Phil. We are now friends. I have a potential pace buddy at Race Club!

Even better still, I follow Phil to his table at the after party – most people stick around for one drink, which is included in the $6 admission. I must have met a dozen people: Glenn, Jill, Jessica, Harold, another lady, the lady who kept making eye contact with me and I her, … . I have running friends who like to socialize in Auckland!

Even better still, they have spot prizes after the run. It’s where they draw everyone’s race number (you get a number at Race Club) and give the winners stuff. The big prizes are usually quite big, such as $100 bar dollars or a pair of shoes. I won a bottle of wine! I will drink back my first two weeks’ admission at Race Club!

Even better still, I went back to the restaurant I have been making appearances at to make arrangements for more friends. I’ve befriended a waitress there who “knows all sorts of people” in town. So now when I go out, I won’t stand around awkwardly next to a pillar hoping for something to happen. I may even have a social life in Auckland!

Best day thus far.


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Are you in pain in that picture ??? Good for you for both the race and socializing. Sounds like an excellent day !!!

Comment by Blacksheep

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