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The Fixtures Question.
October 25, 2007, 9:06 am
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Chris, Isaiah and Scott asked: Which way does the water flow down your drain?

For me, it’s clockwise. 

To preempt your comments, no, that is not my sink.  It was the first Youtube video to come up for my search on Southern Hemisphere Sink.  Plus, I think it’s funny.  Hopefully you were watching at work with the volume turned up high.

Apparently, though, the forced rotation of water in either hemisphere is dependent upon the volume of water present.  So in my little sink and shower, the clockwise rotation is a result of circumstance, design and plain ol’ good fortune.  Here is a video attempting to explain this.

Therefore, in a perfect world with no variables or design flaws, my fixtures would drain clockwise and yours counter-clockwise.

Jason and Matt ask: It would be a better challenge to find the point on the earth where water drains straight down.

Youtube has a bundle of videos showing sinks on the equator draining straight down.  The airplane toilet went straight down too, but I’m told that’s because of a vacuum…Jason (yes, you did already inform me on this, hence why it appears here)…

And if it says so on Wikipedia, it must be true.


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Didn’t I tell you that airplane toilets go straight down because of a vacuum system (not gravity)? Pretty sure I explained it to someone… (if you really wanna see it in action, see the A380 documentaries that Discovery Channel ran a year ago or so)

Comment by Jason

If the A380 documentaries aren’t your cup of tea, the “Mythbusters” looking at the myth about some fat lady who got sucked stuck in an airplane toilet also explains it quite succintly, albeit in a more entertaining manner. ;o)

Comment by PianoMan

Interesting conversations you three enjoy….keep it up.

Comment by Blacksheep

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