Holy smokes, I Live in New Zealand.

Auckland (Quarter) Marathon.
October 27, 2007, 10:52 am
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As you are curling up in front of fireplaces after celebrating a successful morning of grocery shopping or lawn working, I will be gearing up for my longest race to date: the quarter marathon (10.5 km) component of the Auckland Marathon.

This is the event website.

In training, I have hit 16 km a couple of times but as of late have been pushing 11 km in my long, slow training runs.  In the Race Club series, I’ve been playing around with a slower race pace but an increased pace of my “break” interval.  The end result is a 5:15 kilometre.  Times ten plus a little bit more, I’m hoping that I’ll be around the finish line 55 minutes after the start of the race – just in time for another exciting Maple Leafs self-destruction.

My leg of the race winds along the south shore of the harbour, from the start line to almost Kelly Tarleton’s Aquatic Adventure and then straight back.  Not that you know where that is or anything, but it’s essentially the only long, flat stretch of terrain in central Auckland…and my evening run track.

In other words, wish me luck.


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best of luck !!!!!
let us know how you make out.

Comment by Blacksheep

Oh, I didn’t know you were a Leafs fan…shame….
Go Flyers!

Comment by Yoni

Giv’r…you’ve done well with your training, grasshopper…you shall slaughter your race, and bask in the glow that is the ‘nearly puking on the guy trying to remove your time chip at the end of the race’ glory that many of us others have come to love…listen to your body and what it needs first and foremost…understand that just finishing, regardless of your time, is an accomplishment…grab as much free junk at the end as you can…and have fun!

Comment by b

If it makes you feel any better, TOR d. NYR tonight (Oct. 27/07) 4-1. It looks like they should not play in the ACC for the rest of the season in order to win more games! :oP

Comment by PianoMan

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