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The Best 55 Minutes Ever.
October 28, 2007, 9:50 pm
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After an hour of refreshing the Auckland Marathon results page, I finally managed a successful hit.

55 minutes.   Estimated.

See, it all started with me not being able to read my race ticket.  Turns out it was a 7 AM start, NOT 7:30 as planned.  Lucky for me I allow myself 15 minutes of pre-race time, and I was “running early”.  By the time I checked my bag in at the rest station and returned to the start line, it was 7:12 AM.  I was in last place.  Dead last.  I mean, it was only me and the still-drunk-this-morning in that area of the Viaduct.  They cheered me on for the most part.   The lesson I imparted on each of these individuals (as well as the police and St. John’s attendants lining the route) was to set their alarms properly.

I caught up with the walkers at the 2 km part.  The good part about being in last place is that you don’t get passed by a lot of people.  I quickly began moving up from 2098th place into the pack.  My updated playlist and adventures in energy drinks were working very well, bolstered by some water drunk poorly at 3 km.

It started drizzling a bit as the weaving between runners began.  Not much fancy to report.  Most people were wearing their Auckland Marathon shirts – I had my (Barrie) Canada Day Series shirt on.  The hecklers made note of the giant maple leaf on it.  Mission accomplished.

My new pacing worked very well, judged by how I only had to walk for 10 seconds because other runners braked at the water station (and I’m too polite to tell them to keep moving, especially when I’m so far back in the pack).  So we’ll stick with it and the associated music.

Anyways, the weaving and passing continued up to 9 km, when I realized that I wasn’t in the least bit tired.  So I upped the pace and chugged past silent spectators who didn’t seem too interested in cheering on me (I like it when strangers cheer for me).  I actually crossed the line in 1:07:39, but I started roughly 12 minutes late.  That’s a 55 minute 10k.  Goal obtained, and with only a raw spot where I usually blister on my right foot and a little stiffness in my right (long) calf.

Highlight of the day: walking home, the cop on traffic duty stops me and asks how I finished after my delayed start.  We had a good 10 minute chat about life as a traffic cop at special events, the benefits of reading your race information kits and proper nutrition, and how lovely a country New Zealand is.

1:07:39 is good for 731st overall (out of 2098 times registered), 370th amongst males, and 213th amongst the under-34 crowd.   An actual 55 minute finish would have put me in the mid- to high-200s (250-300th overall).

NZ Herald writeup.

NZ Herald pictures.

NZ Herald video.


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Excellent…congrats to you.

Comment by Blacksheep

Great picture 🙂

Comment by Sarah

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