Holy smokes, I Live in New Zealand.

The Apartment Post.
October 31, 2007, 8:47 pm
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My Apt 010

Oh my goodness. I still haven’t told you about where I live!

I allowed myself three days to get established. In that time, I managed to look at four apartments. Auckland is a tenant’s market, so there are lots of places to look at. But of course, there are lots people looking. I was in a competition for two of the four units. I “won” both of those. Score.

The one was a super small loft on a quiet lane off the main street. Party nights would have been very loud. The other had a great view of the skyline, but came with a $1000 “letting fee.” It’s a charge unique to New Zealand. It’s basically paying $1000 for the privilege to rent somebody’s apartment (this is on top of the bond/damage deposit). The third had a small ocean view, but was about as large as my kitchen back home.

And so I’ve defaulted to apartment number four. It’s in a 17-storey building with a landward view. It overlooks a quiet little park, with my office building poking overtop of the treed canopy of that park. Yes, that is a 500 metre walk to work. A loft apartment building frames the rest of my view (me watching them and them watching me). The streets out my window are small local roads, so it is a generally quiet spot…in the middle of a metropolis of 1.3 million. Oh – and the Canadian consulate is just up the street.

I had really been hoping for an ocean view without really knowing where to look or how much it would cost. Turns out that my budget allows for an ocean view defined by roadways only, not sweeping panoramas. Plus, those apartments are about half the size – unlike waterfront apartments in Barrie, which are the same size as those with a landward view. There are also two significant arterial roads between my building and the ocean, chock full of diesel-powered buses and tire squealing teenagers. Instead, I turned my money into a relatively large studio apartment (600 sq.ft) with a quiet view of a serene little park.

I’ve moved all the furniture and vacuumed underneath everything. Just like home…except that everything is in one room and fully furnished. It’s like a glorified hotel room, but at a lesser cost.

A photo tour.


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winebottle006…that’s hot 😛 certainly looks like a cozy place, and as always, disgustingly clean…when’s the housewarming party??

Comment by b

nice spread….thanks for the tour.

Comment by Blacksheep

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