Holy smokes, I Live in New Zealand.

Dress Smart.
November 11, 2007, 8:58 pm
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Shopping success.

After a wholesome 19k run this morning that made my feet look their worst ever, I decided that it was time I took advantage of the supercharged Canadian dollar by exchanging some for consumer items.  Dress Smart is a chain of outlet malls in New Zealand…the only classy ones I know of…with three locations in each of New Zealand’s largest cities.  Auckland’s is in Onehunga, a thirty-minute, $4.30 bus ride from home.

You walk in, and you can smell the bargains.  They smell like perfume samples.  There are seventy stores covering the range of High Street shops: classier designer outlets right down to the jewellery knock-offs.  Plus, there aren’t as many 18-year-olds asking you how your day is going.

I’d have bought shoes if I had known how to get them home.  50% everything at the Converse store, 40% at the Cutler & Co.  They also had a small workwear store called (get this), The Brick Shirt House.  Classic.

I also has teriyaki beef sushi (delicious), a Fanta (never wrong) and a huge pile of ice cream in milkshake form (a little grody; I’ve skipped dinner as a result).  I will definitely be going back for Joe shopping…it certainly was not a good Christmas shopping location.

That would be Parnell, where I was yesterday to go “vintage” clothes shopping.  But that was not a success, so I will be going back next weekend (probably) and will have more to write about then.

(I plan on having an active blogging week, on the subject of food.  Let’s see how well I stick to that plan.)


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What an excellent day…you look thrilled with all the bargains…..Mom’s gonna be jealous of all that shopping….all’s well up here….Leafs lost in a shoot-out last night…xoxo

Comment by Blacksheep

I’m not really a fan of pop, but I sure do miss Fanta from the days of long ago when I actually made it to Hong Kong. mmmm Fanta…

Comment by Jason

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