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How to Order a Meal at a Restaurant.
November 13, 2007, 10:03 pm
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After a personal best run tonight (5k in 22:21 – twenty seconds shaved off of my Bradford time), my new friends took me to a fantastic little restaurant embedded in the Auckland Fish Market called Live Fish. It is a Hong Kong-style restaurant where you order your type of seafood, then are asked to approach a series of fish tanks to pick the actual fish that will be cooked for you. Yes, those fish are alive, but not for long. As somebody who thought meat was born in little plastic packages, I’ll stop there and tell you about menus in New Zealand.

Back home, we’re used to three sittings: appetizer, main course/entree, dessert. My first time at a restaurant here, all I wanted was an appetizer but I simply could not communicate that to my server. I went home hungry. That’s because there is no such thing as an appetizer here. Plus, there is a whole other sitting you can go through:

1. Starter.  NZ English for “appetizer”.  Garlic bread, bruschetta, it’s all fairly standard stuff.  Nothing special to report on there.

2. Entree. I guess it’s a larger starter…or a smaller main. These are fairly standard looking meals that I would expect from a chain restaurant back home: a nice salad or small stir fry.  All the four food groups seem to fit into an entree and is priced as if it were a main back home.  It’s usually enough for me.

3. Main.  This is where the meal actually is.  This would be the pad thai, or the steak, or the beef bourguignon, or whatever the case may be.  Obviously, the main is bigger than the entree.  I think of mains as being what you would get on a fancy night out at the classy restaurant in town (Naked Steaks in Barrie, Cagney’s in Guelph), except you’re supposed to have one every time out.

4. Dessert. As if I can ever get that far in a restaurant. Shame that dessert seems to be an important course of any meal out here. I’m enjoying a lot of nice desserts down here, most of which involve ice cream and cake – fairly standard stuff only seemingly fancier. I have yet to try the traditional New Zealand dessert (Pavlova, or Pav for short) but someday…someday…

And for the record, I have yet to meet a restaurant I’ve hated thus far.


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good for you for trying new things.

Comment by Blacksheep

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