Holy smokes, I Live in New Zealand.

Things I Miss.
November 16, 2007, 6:46 pm
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I have cravings for things that I will just have to ignore because it is so hard to import food into this country.  This is a comprehensive list of those items, each of which I cannot find here or cannot find easily (as in, a convenience store, called a “dairy” here, MIGHT stock it).

  • Root beer
  • Good corn chips (everything here is salted or cheese flavoured)
  • Robert Simpson Confederation Ale (I cannot believe it, but it’s true)
  • In ‘N Out Pita
  • IGA/Foodland sandwiches

Enjoy these for me, for I cannot.  And thus ends my exposé on food in New Zealand.


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Hi! I was surfing around and stumbled across your website after stumbling across another website about rootbeer (long story, even longer explanation). Seeing as how it looked like you were interested in having some rootbeer, I thought I’d send along the website link I found. I hope it helps!
Alison Varrell
Massachusetts, USA

Comment by Alison

[…] comment from a Massachusetts-based surfer (a WHOIS query generally verifies the location) on my Things I Miss post.  Turns out there is an American blogger here writing as “Wilderness Wally” who […]

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