Holy smokes, I Live in New Zealand.

No Earthquake Story.
December 21, 2007, 5:42 pm
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I am using yesterday’s 6.8-magnitude earthquake in Gisborne to start a new feature on my website called, “In the News.”

I live in Auckland. Gisborne is roughly 500 kilometres away…equivalent to, say, Ottawa from Toronto. It looks like they took a mighty wallop as more damage reports come in. Although everyone here chats about it as if it is par for the course for that part of the country.

I also found a discussion thread online about an earthquake that struck Auckland this past March. Almost every poster not from the area only posted to make fun of Aucklanders for being so jittery about their sissy little 4.5 earthquake (“sissy” being how I described it to my geologist friend, who agreed).

Auckland is generally regarded as being very very low risk for these things. I don’t even have an earthquake kit! I noticed it was on the Star’s website, and I was told by friends that it was on the CKCO news.

Life goes on as normal here in Auckland, though. The radio station still did their AM contests, the Prime Minister followed and talked about her Christmas plans, and Nickelback continued to occupy all the musical airtime.


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What is in an earthquake kit?

Comment by puppydog

how can a forward thinking country have a female for a prime minister ????

Comment by Blacksheep

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