Holy smokes, I Live in New Zealand.

The Power of Random Internet Posts.
January 3, 2008, 9:06 pm
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Wow wow wow!

I’m not exactly blessed with having a lot of random visitors to my site.  I get the occasional hit from somebody searching for Saskatchewan Roughriders information or trying to find out about paying the departure tax at Auckland Airport.

But today, I get a surprise comment from a Massachusetts-based surfer (a WHOIS query generally verifies the location) on my Things I Miss post.  Turns out there is an American blogger here writing as “Wilderness Wally” who provides links to all things Americana and where to find them in New Zealand.  One of his posts deals solely with root beer, with another focussing on Mexican food such as corn chips.

I learned today that many of my lifestyle choices probably do, in fact, fall under that broad, unenviable label of “Americana” but I am definitely tired of too thick chips and boring cola products (Phoenix Cola not included because it is delicious and truly New Zealand).  And thanks to a random person from Massachusetts and somewhere on the North Island, I now have a few more places to explore for those can’t-find-items I can’t find anywhere else.

At the least, it will be an interesting adventure out into the suburbs looking for a Mexican food importer should I be bored some upcoming Saturday.


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Very interesting….I enjoyed this article.

Comment by Blacksheep

Bro im glad you like our pizza 🙂

Comment by Christian/ FRESCO MANAGER

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