Holy smokes, I Live in New Zealand.

Sheep. And About Time, Too.
January 5, 2008, 6:05 pm
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Andrew asks, “Where are the sheep growing areas in New Zealand?

The short answer is everywhere, but the more detailed answer is the South Island and the more highland and rural parts of the North Island.  I’d rather stick with everywhere, though.  When I went on a tourist trip to the three large volcanoes in Auckland, there were sheep grazing on Mt. Eden/Maungawhau all up and down the hills.  Cheaper and more profitable than lawnmowers, I suppose.

There used to be some 70 million sheep in New Zealand, but that number has fallen by almost 50% in the face of declining profits and the loss of a guaranteed trading partner in the United Kingdom (EU subsidies make it a lot cheaper to buy internal and European sheep).  Still, there are lot of sheep in New Zealand.  A lot.  Over 40 million of them.  That works out to some twelve sheep for every person.

One-quarter of the world’s supply of “crossbred” wool comes from New Zealand.  That carpet you are walking on, or the bedding you are snuggled into right now (as I write this, at Midnight EST) may well be strung together using New Zealand wool.  Champion!

You can also eat sheep, although the lambs are tastier (I am told).  Sheep mostly graze outdoors in New Zealand so they are mainly grass-fed here.

Here is a delicious looking recipe for Rogan Josh using lamb.  The spices used result in a chili-looking meal.

I also found a Flash-based game called Sheep Farm Tycoon.  It’s as authentic New Zealand as it sounds.

I am also told that another game on the above website, Farm Management 101, is highly addictive.

I, however, have yet to find the twelve sheep allocated to me.


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Why all the interest in Sheep ????

Comment by Blacksheep

How many possums per person?

Comment by puppydog

Poor little lambs

Comment by Sarah

Blacksheep… the answer: lamb. NZ is apparently one of the biggest lamb producting nations for human consumption. Chances are you’ll have already spotted NZ legs and racks of lamb in your neighbourhood North American supermarket. Dang, now I’m getting a craving for lamb.

With the size of NZ, I’m not surprised with Joe’s “everywhere” generalization!

Comment by PianoMan

I’m not certain but I think “puppydog” eats possums.

Comment by Blacksheep

am i the only farm manager addict,or are there other victims?? we could form a support group…

Comment by b

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