Holy smokes, I Live in New Zealand.

Auckland Airport and Getting Into the City.

Premised on an e-mail I received today and the occasional hit I receive through Google searches, here is a piece for archiving in the annals of the Internet.

How to Arrive at Auckland Airport and Get Into the City.

Auckland has only the one airport. It is technically in Manukau City (the boundary is some street somewhere; one side Auckland, the other side Manukau) but that’s talking semantics. There are International (where you land from overseas) and Domestic (Air NZ and associated airlines, where you would fly to Wellington or Christchurch) terminals.

Note that once you have cleared Customs and picked up your baggage, there is free tea, coffee and wateravailable BEFORE you entire the biosecurity check. It’s not great stuff, but it’s free. They will let you bring that through biosecurity unless they are in a bad mood or you are rude. Politeness goes a long way here.

You are aware of New Zealand’s VERY STRICT quarantine rules? No food products, no wood, strict examination of camping material. That said, I accidentally smuggled tea into the country and nobody said a word.  I was too exhausted to remember it was there. I wouldn’t recommend you do that.

There is a privately run airport shuttle running into the city every 15 minutes or so, starting at 6 AM and running until the evening. Roundtrip NZ$20 if you have student ID or an HI card or can charm the bus driver, NZ$22 otherwise. Airport shuttles and vans and taxis start at NZ$30 ONE WAY. The bus takes you right into the City. I live between two stops. It takes about 35-40 minutes to get into Auckland Central and is the best option if you don’t mind being surrounded by those bound for the dozen-or-so hostels in the City.

And, as always, you need to pay your Departure Tax on overseas flights at the airport.  You can do that at the Bank of New Zealand branch in the Terminal or at any of the currency exchange booths.  Those are located on both the first and second floors of the building.


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I’ve sent an email to the NZ customs people regarding the smuggled tea…..there will be a fine coming in the mail.

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