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So Not Foxy Boxing.
January 30, 2008, 9:04 pm
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I have decided to use the next week or so to fill you in on things I do for fun, training or otherwise here in Auckland.  Doing “stuff” is important when you are in a new place because it is the only way that you will ever make friends in a new city (evidence: my 2006 in Barrie).

Anyways, having made a bundle of running friends here in Auckland, it was probably only a matter of time until they started inviting me along on other fitness-related adventures.  As one of them is moving back to Australia in the coming weeks, I have decided it would be nice to do things he wants to do.

Enter “Foxy Boxing.”

There is a boxing club around the corner from me.  It’s sort of on the waterfront; behind the commercial port.  City Boxing.  They have the fourth floor loft of an old warehouse and, naturally, it is superheated in the dead of the summer here.  So I clamour upstairs and almost bowl over their little front counter in my ignorant, self-absorbed, fresh-outta-work manner.

NZ$15 later, I am signed up for “boxfit,” the aerobics class you’ll never forget.

I was early enough for the instruction class where you learn the basic punches (jab, hook, uppercut) and the foot movements to maximize the benefits of those.  As a fake running champion, I found the moves tough on the knees.  But I’m not actually qualified to comment on joint movements.  You need help with a minor variance, that’s where I can help.  There was some skipping rope action as well.  (If you went to St. Stan’s for Kindergarten in 1987, St. Paul’s for Grade 1 in 1988 or St. Michael’s the seven years after that and are reading this, I’ve still got it!)

Their water fountain isn’t that great (so bring your own) and I didn’t take a big water break after that.  It was straight into the workout for me.  I thought about how to best present this to you and figured that a bulleted list would make it look the most exhausting:

  • Touch sparring to start, where you actually fight in a little space with the goal of tapping the other persons shoulder, stomach or knee (on the instructor’s call);
  • Move over to a punching bag.  One fires fists into the bag while the other is doing push ups, jumps or a combination of the two.  Switch positions.
  • Same as above, only turn the above jabs into combinations of punches.  Build up from three punches to six.
  • Pick up some light weights (I took the lightest – 1 kg) and follow the coach’s repetitions.  Push up, push out, push forward, pivot out at the elbows.
  • Move out to a nice spot on the floor (sweaty and gross; that is why they use gym mats at the Goodlife after all) and follow a bunch of crazy abdominal exercises.  Bicycle kicks where you bring your shoulders to the other knee as you kick.  Lift legs up to a ninety degree bend at your hips.  Keep your legs one inch off the ground for awhile.
  • Do three repeats of each bullet point above.
  • And then throw in ten push ups between each.

Needless to say, I didn’t finish every step.  In fact, one might say I was utter crap at finishing things off.  For example, the jump/down/push up/crouch/repeat one, I think I did one out of the maximum 30 I should have done.  I probably did 30 push ups out of a maximum 150, and most of those I did poorly.  It’s my money and I will do with as I please.  (Sidebar: your money is now their money and we will spend it on drugs…ATHF #1.)

I’m hoping to make this a regular thing.  I am a sucker.  I also don’t look good all sweaty with a shirt that does not fit properly for boxing purposes.  Looks great on a runner, though 🙂

And that is what an hour-and-a-half at the boxing club looks like.

Bonus points to the staff and regulars there, who didn’t make fun of how office-looking I was in a room full of office workers pretending to be boxers.  Only gentle encouragement and appropriate pushing of the participants.  I liked that.


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This was SO fun to read!!! You are an inpsiration to all the little kids out there doing jump rope in school. Go Joe go!!!!!

Comment by puppydog

sounds like you got smoked…kudos on not puking on anyone…

Comment by b

good for you…sounds like an excellent workout….reminds me of a time when they had Foxy Boxing at the Manor Hotel….that’s a different story….

Comment by Blacksheep

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