Holy smokes, I Live in New Zealand.

How I Combat Homesickness.
February 17, 2008, 7:20 pm
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Having just completed another round of successful phone calls home today, I thought I would share a couple of my tips for battling homesickness. It’s surprisingly easy in the Internet age to remain connected. I mean, I have my choice of any Canadian media available to me (including the delightful TV adaptation of Douglas Coupland’s jPod) and even our few food products.

Below is a non-comprehensive list of how I make Canadian magic happen. Feel free to send along your tips as well and I will update the list accordingly:

  • Random $900 flights home.
  • CBC Radio 3.
  • French toast with Steeves’ Maple Syrup from Elgin (pronounced “el-JIN”), New Brunswick.
  • In Flight Safety (also a great cool down band post-run).
  • Putting-hyphens-between-words, which-they-don’t-do-in-New-Zealand.
  • My weekly round of phone calls home to family and friends (called in theme groupings: one week Guelph, one week Barrie, two weeks of planners, …).
  • Downloading TV shows the day after they air back home, including jPod, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Torchwood, Squidbillies, and on occasion Dave Foley’s shows on Super Deluxe.
  • Putting letter zeds into words that have esses in them in New Zealand, such as “memorise” or “realisation.”
  • Teh Facebook.
  • Teh e-mails.
  • My website.

Missing you all…


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what about following your beloved Maple-Leafs…can you ztay on top of them ????

Comment by Blacksheep

what about following your beloved Maple-Leafs…can you ztay on top of them ????

Comment by Blacksheep

zhe zells zeazhellez by the zea zhore.

Comment by Sarah

Hey Joe, in case you didn’t already know, and as long u have a mic & speakers on your comp, you can use Skype to talk to fam & friends back here. They’ll need to have Skype as well for the free calls in between to work. Since you’re already paying for internet, why not save on long distance? Just some friendly advice.

Comment by PianoMan

mizz you too!

Comment by puppydog

you should be downloading ‘this hour has 22 minutes’ as well…they’ve been mocking your favourite band, nickelback, for months now…

Comment by b

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