Holy smokes, I Live in New Zealand.

Hooray for Mats.
February 25, 2008, 7:57 pm
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Mats Sundin has earned the right to use that no-trade clause.  He is all heart and one of the warriors of the NHL.  It is not his fault that he has never ever ever had an all-star calibre left winger during his tenure as Leaf captain.  And for anybody to accuse otherwise…if your employer asked you to trade departments for “the good of the team” in the hopes that everything worked out, would you?  I really don’t think so.

If I was in Mats’ situation, I would do the same thing.  And anyone accusing him of being a coward or sellout or anything less than what he is to this team and that city (he is not a household name in Auckland) will never be so fortunate to face such a quandry.

Hooray for Mats Sundin.

My favourite indie sports blog, Cox Bloc, puts it more eloquently that I do above.  But in my defence, that is their job.  My job is to talk about New Zealand.


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Borje Salming gave him good advice. But then I’ve always thought that Borje (#21) could walk on water.

Comment by nancy drew

I agree with Nancy…Mats’ a classy guy…..Borje was a pioneer….they represent the good in our beloved Maple Leafs…..

Doesn’t Puppy Dog love Mat’s ????????

Comment by Blacksheep

Couldn’t agree w/ you more, Joe. Management had a choice before both sides signed whether or not to agree to a NTC, and now it must live w/ it. IMHO the higher-ups are betraying him by not being able to acquire a reliable support cast for him (just like OTT for the top line there).

Oh, and another thing I must commend Sundin, his unwavering loyalty. We’ve seen other players wanting out of a team because he feels that team won’t go far (think Hossa 2008?), and with that precedent by rights Sundin didn’t have to stay, but, and this is key, he wanted to. That he’s willing to stay w/ a team through thick and thin… it’s an admirable quality worthy of respect by friend and foe.

Comment by PianoMan

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