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How to Kill a Mandatory ‘Do Nothing’ Day.
March 1, 2008, 6:23 pm
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So I am running the Cathay Pacific Half Marathon tomorrow and, as is customary for long distance runners, I am sitting around the apartment doing nothing right now. Doing nothing means I can’t get hurt, plus I’m saving up all my energy for the big event tomorrow.

My goal time is 1:48, the same as my November run. But this 21k has more ups and downs in it, so I think a similar finishing time would be great. However, my cold hasn’t really gone away. Everything feels fine, but I have a slightly runny nose and my cough won’t go away. Regrettably, there is a wheeze in there so I’ll probably be doing a lot more coughing on my run that usual, which means probably no 1:48 for me tomorrow. I will let you know.

Back to the day-before shutdown. I’m idling away time behind my computer today because I have this cold, I don’t want to go into work (I said I would, but I am in no position to think today and I have other backowing work to do) and tomorrow is the big run. Long distance runners tend to shut ‘er down the night before in order to rest up and eat nothing but carbohydrates to have lots of energy the next day. It’s like a never ending preparation for a hockey game.

I’ve done all sorts of little things today, and to show you just how relevant the blogosphere is to contributing useful information to the world, the following is a comprehensive list of what my New Zealand Saturday entailed:

  • Jogged to the Langham Hotel, 1.5 km away, to pick up my and my friend Simon’s race kit. John Stanton recommends a 3k run at race pace the day before a half marathon, plus I wanted to see if I could force anything out of my lungs ahead of schedule.
  • Went to Foodtown and bought $80 worth of groceries. Highlights include strawberry ice cream, milk and chocolate for a blog post next week, laundry detergent and frozen dinners. All were on sale.
  • Sorted out my New Zealand banking and set up my next big funds transfer to New Zealand.
  • Set out my clothes for the race tomorrow.
  • Cooked a HUGE pot of ravioli and made a nice little side salad for myself. I bought a head of iceberg lettuce that came in a bag just like a loaf of bread would. Very snazzy.
  • Downloaded some movies and music.
  • Had two showers.
  • Drank three pints of “orange drink” (they say it’s juice, but it’s not real orange juice, you know?) and (to this point) one litre of water. More will be consumed as the evening rolls on.
  • The Sarah Silverman “I’m f*cking Matt Damon” video.
  • The Jimmy Kimmel “I’m f*cking Ben Affleck” response video.
  • A whole lotta CBC Radio 3.
  • A couple of phone calls and e-mails home, but that’ll be more a tomorrow thing to do.
  • Stretching.
  • Text messaging.
  • Run and empty the diswasher.
  • Some old time computer games, including a modified version of RBI Baseball featuring the 2006 Opening Day Toronto Blue Jays lineup.
  • Catching up on non-friend blogs (the friends get their attention tomorrow) such as Globe on Baseball and Drunk Jays Fans.

Geez, and whoever said a day alone at home couldn’t be busy and time consuming? I will let you know the results of tomorrow…tomorrow.


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Come on 1:48…..good luck….keep us posted and enjoy yourself.

Comment by Blacksheep

ha! that may explain my less than stellar run times – i need to take a mandatory slack-off day…i’m usually the kid out drinking WAY too late on a night before a race, only to be on the course with a wicked hangover the next day (i tell myself the desire to crawl back into bed sooner is my incentive to get to the finish faster)…although, it’s not my fault they keep scheduling races for early sunday mornings – especially during oktoberfest…

reading this after seeing you other weekend posts = i can say ‘congrats’ for being pretty freaky close to your goal…21k with a cold in less than perfect weather is awesome – you should be proud

Comment by b

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