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March 5, 2008, 8:30 pm
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Celeste asks: What can you make with kiwifruit?

First, a quick history of New Zealand’s namesake fruit.  Kiwifruit‘s ancestors evolved from plants in China.  In fact, the kiwifruit is the national fruit of China.  The sister of a missionary there brought seeds back to New Zealand after a visit and planted them here.  Further agriscience occurred and the version of kiwifruit you and I are most familiar with was first planted in New Zealand in 1924.  They are now grown all over the world, and New Zealand is not the world’s leading producer of the fruit.  That would be Italy (bravissimo Italia!).  The name of the tree the commercial fruit grows on is called “New Zealand Hayward.”

Now, as for things you can make from kiwifruit:

  • sliced up raw;
  • scooped out of the flesh and eaten raw;
  • bite into it like an apple…or peach;
  • as the ubiquitous garnish on everything, including cocktails;
  • as an ice cream or sorbet;
  • as a cheesecake;
  • as a jam or jelly;
  • in salads (I found a recipe mixing turkey and kiwifruit);
  • as a pie (the recipe in particular was a frozen yogurt pie);
  • in a fruit smoothie (mixed with banana and milk…I guess citrus can mix with milk in small doses);
  • I saw a fruit salsa recipe that had kiwifruit in it;
  • juice; and,
  • fruit spring rolls and crepes and kebabs and such.

And of course, in New Zealand’s national dessert, a Pavlova.

Footnote: I keep saying “kiwifruit” because there are so many things “kiwi” that, down here, the items need to be further described.  Kiwi bird, kiwi fruit.  “Kiwi” is a default for all things New Zealand, including its people.



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recipe for the salsa please.

Comment by nancy drew

Actually the salsa does sound good so get that recipe!!

Comment by puppydog

what are nancy and puppydog talking about ????

Comment by Blacksheep

Mmm… the Gold Kiwifruit, now that’s good stuff. I didn’t like the green variety that much in the past, but when I discovered the golden variety, boy, did I appreciate kiwifruit better!

Kudos to NZ for creating this type… worth the higher price for the sweeter taste than the green ones.

Comment by PianoMan

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