Holy smokes, I Live in New Zealand.

Pirate Karaoke Night.
March 10, 2008, 10:11 pm
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In a mass celebrating of the birthdays this weekend, my New Zealand friends coordinated a Pirate Night out.  This involved getting dressed up, imbibing and singing songs.  And additionally for me, some involvement with the…errr…wildlife.

Refer to awesome new website banner picture.

We did dinner at a Turkish restaurant across from the Skytower.   We then started heading toward the Viaduct area (as usual, although I am not complaining) but detoured into another bar on Durham Lane (where I almost rented an apartment).  Such is where the first interested-in-pirates catcalls toward us began.  Somebody managed to get the photo above.

Next stop was a private karaoke club full of Koreans.  What happens at this particular establishment is you pay for your own private room for an hour, which is stocked with microphones, song selection remote controls, lots of couches and a very sturdy, noise- and stomp-proof floor.  Me being a karaoke fiend, I spent a lot of time making myself hoarse in the style of Queen, Gloria Gaynor and Fifty Cent (I freestyled a rap about myself to his song, word up yo).

After the shouting was over, it was off to the bars, where I proceed to trade pirate flags (there were 10 for the crew, and somehow I would up with almost all of them) for phone numbers.  I am not following up on any of those leads because that would be weird.  One bouncer asked for two flags for his kids, to which I obliged.  Call it my good deed for the day.

And this goes to show that I am not all boring and running here in Auckland.  On occasion, I like to don a frilly, lace cravat and belt out Queen songs in front of friends.  Nothing at all wrong with that.

The end.


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Ar Ar matey (or metis avec un accent egu …. many years ago when first teaching gr 8 History I asked the kids if they knew who the metis were & one kid said “yes …. they were pirates … you know ar ar metis”)

Comment by puppydog

I had to take a second look at that photograph…for a second I thought it was Jerry Seifeld in his puffy shirt…..than I realized it was you Kosmo…I mean Joseph….plus…the background beats the previous backdrop !!!!!

Comment by Blacksheep

I see 3 blonds doting on you, or at least giving you their full attention and you looking all shy and bashful.

Comment by nancy drew

Avast ye maties, ’tis I see Joseph, in ye olde Puffy Shirt!
…and I swear I’ve seen the same look on his face before…in Barrie…on a patio…on the waterfront…

Comment by The Bartender

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