Holy smokes, I Live in New Zealand.

March 17, 2008, 8:25 pm
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Sorry it has taken me so long to get around to this.

Celeste asks, “What’s the milk like there? And have you tried Milo?

Milk here is just like home, except I have seen it offered in tetra packs (like a giant juice box). Just like home as well, 1L cartons, 1L jugs (7-11 style) and 2L jugs. The 500mL I usually buy (as in I have bought maybe four of them over six months) costs NZ$1.90, or about Cdn$1.30. Decent enough.

What is different is the range of milk you can buy. We’re used to skim, 1%, 2%, homo, cream, right? You can get cream here, but beyond that things are different:

  • Super trim, which is marketed as “99.9% fat free.” This is equivalent to skim.
  • Trim, which is what I buy, is 99.5% fat free. I like it.
  • Lite or Light is 98.5% fat free.
  • Blue Top, or Family, which is the most popular and where the “fat free” references stop. This hovers at a bit under 97% fat free.
  • And a whole range of fortified and specialty milks, including one company making a very rich “farmhouse” milk.
  • There are also several brands of milk one can buy in one grocery store, unlike the Nielsen’s/Sealtest monopolies in the various grocery stores back home.

I am world famous for my love of chocolate milk. Doing a napkin calculation right now, I estimate that I probably put back 3L of chocolate milk a week. Unfortunately of the two chocolate milks I can normally choose from, both of them are very chalky. So I have consumed maybe 2L of chocolate milk in the last six months, and both of those were on my surprise Christmas vacation. I didn’t notice the withdrawal period. So chocolate milk in New Zealand…big disappointment.

UPDATED: I have taken to drinking chocolate soy milk a lot down here.  It seems to be on sale a lot, which helps.

Alternate link.

As for part two of the question, a little history first. Milo is an ovaltine-esque, malt granule that you add to milk (hot or cold) to get a delicious, hot chocolate kind of drink. It’s fairly popular in New Zealand. Work keeps an open tin of it in the kitchen. They are little granules of malty goodness.

I think what is really neat is that they make a chocolate bar out of Milo. Milk chocolate, the little granules and a strip of nougat. Let’s take a peek, shall we?

Alternate link.

Sorry, I didn’t realize how dark it got in my apartment at night. Here is Milo‘s strangely corporate looking Wikipedia page.


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You could convert to chocolate soya milk…not as ‘creamy’ as our Cdn chocolate milk, but hopefully not as chalky as what you have there (i’ve been able to choke it down)…

Comment by b

No chocolate milk in NZ ???? Is that because they don’t have brown cows there ?

Perhaps you can melt down a Milo bar and mix it up with some white milk ?

Comment by Blacksheep

nice shirt! and good videos.

Comment by nancy drew

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