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Help Plan a Holiday.
March 19, 2008, 4:37 pm
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I have a four day weekend coming up, just like most of you.  Problem is, I haven’t used all four days I am entitled to since 2000.  I was either studying or working the one day to create a new long weekend later in the summer.

I have no idea what to do for four days!

Essentially, all of my options are open.  I have no real household chores to do and no ambitious running plans.   So this is your chance to plan a holiday weekend for me. 

What should I do?  Here is my preliminary list, each of which has strong arguments for (relaxing, meet people) and against (sleepy, not enough money on hand to do well).

  • Go mall shopping?
  • Hit the bars?
  • Write letters home?
  • Rent a car and travel out of Auckland with all the other “cottage country” traffic?
  • Travel within Auckland (which could be combined with above tasks)?
  • Slave over the stove one day?
  • Read a book in the park?
  • Solo pub crawl (in fancy dress…not as a pirate, though)?
  • Beach?
  • Sleep?

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My suggestion is to read or re-read Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett, somewhere comfortable, preferably outside. Or perhaps rent a blue roadster, find a bookstore that has used books and buy and read The Secret Staircase by Carolyn Keene, featuring… you guessed it, Nancy Drew. And don’t forget to go to church. The music on Easter Sunday will be uplifting.

Comment by nancy drew

Fly NZ0639 departing Aukland at 10:00 in the morn Thursday to Queenstown – stay in a hostel, go bungee jumping, go parapenting, hiking, hang out with the world, return sunday NZ1648 departing at 4:55 Flight cost total 500NZ perhaps 350CDN? I am sure Neil would be OK with that

Comment by bob

to tie into suggestion #1, beaches are wonderful places for reading books…there are also women at beaches…AND the universities are back in, no? so, hmmmm…young good looking ladies at the beach checking out the guy looking ‘smart’ reading a book…there you go…weekend made

Comment by b

drink more beer, make another video & make your folks proud !!!!

Comment by Blacksheep

Oh my …………………

Comment by puppydog

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