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Holiday Two: Zoo, Kebab, Private Karaoke Room.
March 23, 2008, 12:05 am
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Day two started with another fair sleep in: 8:30 AM. That’s pretty good for me. I was still feeling grody from Thursday so the day started with some downloaded videos (old “Doctor Who” reruns and the latest episodes of US sitcom “How I Met Your Mother”), some e-mail banter and a complete breakfast. Around Noon, I finally got my act together and had a shower, then looked up bus directions for my next tourist stop.

The Auckland Zoo.

The Zoo was officially founded in the 1920s, when the Council bought a ten year old private zoo that was driving the residents of an area suburb insane (the noise, the crowds, the smell). The legacy of that Council intervention is the current zoo, which has been operating out of Auckland’s Western Springs Reserve since 1922. One of their first attractions were four chimpanzees trained to perform at a daily tea party. One of these chimps is still alive, Janie, and she appears in my Zoo photo album.

auckland zoo 006

I had some ice cream and wandered around for a few hours. There was an Australia zone and a large African exhibit (called “The Pridelands”). Presupposing your next question, yes, there was a kiwi building. However, kiwis are nocturnal so the room was very dark and lit only in red, so the video I took was useless. There are some kiwi videos on Youtube worth checking out if you want to see how kiwis look and act. I also saw two sleepy tigers and two even sleepier lions – all four were on their backs or on their sides when I wandered by. Not too exciting. I watched a demonstration involving an alligator. Alligators look to be very cranky animals. There was also a hippopotamus showing off to the audience and five very noisy sea lions. The penguins were less interesting than I thought they would be.

I took the bus both ways. After returning downtown I visited a new, Turkish takeaway that I often talk up to my friends here in Auckland. I picked up a chicken kebab (like a pita from any take out joint back home, only it’s a wrap, not a “filled” sandwich), some “hot chips” (NZ for French fries, although I’ve heard both used here) and Fanta and brought them home for dinner and a movie. But I wound up reading the news instead. The weekend papers back home help combat homesickness. By the way, my sauce choices are always, without fail, mayonnaise, hot chili and barbecue.

I’d wish today got more interesting but I spent the evening running to the grocery store for this week’s provisions (tortellini, salad fixings, OJ, milk, etc) and playing video games. Plus I set up the photo album above for your viewing pleasure. Zooomr is a nice photo sharing site, but the usual glitches that frustrated me so much when I signed up are still there. Without boring you with technical details, sharing photos publicly is a real pain if you aren’t willing to pay for the service. Which I am not. Which is why I’ve gotten into Youtube as of late.

Tomorrow isn’t shaping up to be much more exciting. But I will summarize that bridge once I get there.

I have been forgetting to use my Canadian zeds in place of New Zealand esses lately. Summarise that bridge later. Z. Eh.

When the videos weren’t playing, I had a private karaoke party for myself.  It’s fun to sing when there is nobody to critique you…or maybe even say “Geez, that wasn’t half bad!”

A summary of tonight’s music includes:

  • The Wallflowers: Sixth Avenue Heartache
  • BNL: Aluminum
  • Avril Lavigne: Hot
  • Bananarama: Robert DeNiro’s Waiting
  • Alexisonfire: Pulmonary Archery
  • The Coral: Cobwebs
  • Tegan and Sara: Monday Monday Monday
  • The Brunettes: B-A-B-Y
  • The Hippos: All Alone
  • Athlete: This is What I Sound Like

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very cool….thanks for sharing….Leaf won again last night….on a real roll….in Ottawa tonight…

Comment by Blacksheep

Say, speaking of “takeaway”/take-out, that reminded me of a question I should’ve asked earlier when you talked about pies… are pie shops the most evident/prolific in downtown Auckland? For comparison, Ottawa’s got quite a few shawarma joints in and around downtown for the business and political folk on the go; Tokyo’s got the noodle shops and, to a lesser degree, curry shops.

(Aw hell, I had to mention Tokyo… stupid cravings! :oP )

Oh yeah, and Happy Easter! Hope you feasted well on chocolate this long weekend.

Comment by PianoMan

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