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Holiday Four: In Town WITH A Car.
March 25, 2008, 9:43 pm
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I would have posted yesterday, but I simply ran out of time.  I got home at 11:30 PM and went straight to bed.  Seriously.  My friend will vouch for me there.

I wrote about the car share organization Cityhop a few months ago (there will be a subsequent post on them this week as well).  They recently picked up some cars with automatic transmission so I signed one out for the day.  Cost: $60.  I set up a great circle route around Auckland that would take maximum advantage of my nine hour booking.

I left the apartment at 1, delayed by some additional phone calls I attempted to make home.  I picked up the car and headed straight to the second greatest shopper’s paradise on earth (after Walden Galleria and Great Lakes Crossing – condition of entry on this list is one stop shopping…plazas across the street or awesome city-regions in general do not count).  Yes, trip #2 to Dress-Smart!  I picked up a new dress shirt (retro enough to hit the bars with, nice enough to outdress any of my peers) and a chic little sweater vest with a pattern in on it that pits more to form.  I will get photographs up in due time.  The place was packed so I did not wander around for long, especially because the thing about outlet malls is that there is a lot of stuff that isn’t all that neat to wear.

I quickly got hungry but couldn’t stomach the thought of another hamburger, kebab or sushi roll.  I left the mall and wandered along the Onehunga Mall until I found a café that I was smitten with.  I found one whose name escapes me but had the prettiest sandwich board out front.  I ordered a sweet chili chicken salad that turned out to be a pile of roasted chicken surrounded by vegetables with a store-bought sauce drizzled over the whole thing…with bananas.  The highlight of my meal was the organic lemon, lime and bitters that I chose.  Very lime!

After I finished ordering, I received a call from a coworker interested in doing some bulk grocery shopping…like doing a Costco run nowadays (or a Valdy run, if you are nostalgic like me and own a Big V meshback).  So I changed my route and headed to the ritzy part of town (Glen Innes) where there is a Pak N Save grocery store next to the train station.  I bought some apples and candy.  I have almost eaten all the candy.  I have yet to touch the apples.

I dropped off my coworker and my groceries at the apartment and then headed towards the new, giant mall and associated power centre (think Barrie’s south end or the Sportsworld Drive area of Kitchener) in Albany, on the northernmost fringe of Auckland.  It was just another giant mall with giant prices, plus a New World grocery store where I bought even more candy and a sweet chili, ginger and soy sauce I will be cooking with tomorrow night (when my awesome chicken is due to expire).  Which reminds me, I should get that set up to marinade overnight.

My evening plan revolved around movie out #2, but first I had to pick up the friend who can vouch for me falling asleep right afterwards.  I swung by his house and chatted with his mother and younger sister, dropped off part of my Cadbury Creme Egg haul for their enjoyment, and soon departed for Ponsonby to find a restaurant (any restaurant) that was open.  We found a Mexican restaurant and had some tacos and burritos.  Wonderful.

But we were still early for the movie, so we dumped the car and returned to my apartment where I introduced my friend to fine, Canadian television (one guess what show).  That killed enough time to head to our 9:10 PM showing of Run Fatboy Run.

It was okay.  I recommend it to all runners, although most of us will scoff at being able to go from smoker to marathoner in three weeks time (the length of time the movie spans).

We returned to my apartment where I went straight to bed, and my friend caught a cab.

Then I went to work today.  I had a big salad for dinner.  I watched some downloaded TV, and finally wrote this post.

And that was how I spent my Easter.

A summary of yesterday’s and tonight’s music includes:

  • Beck: Girl
  • The Rolling Stones: She’s a Rainbow
  • Great Lake Swimmers: There is a Light
  • Blue Oyster Cult: Don’t Fear the Reaper
  • Everclear: The Honeymoon Song
  • Good Charlotte: Boys and Girls
  • The Mint Chicks: Walking Off a Cliff Again
  • Jeff Buckley: Lover, You Should’ve Come Over
  • Manic Street Preachers: So Why So Sad
  • …and of course the most Canadian song ever…Stompin’ Tom Connors: The Hockey Song.

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