Holy smokes, I Live in New Zealand.

A Departure Announcement.
March 30, 2008, 5:05 pm
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I’m coming home early.

Yeah.  Long story short, my country needs me and I will be answering the call.  I don’t have specific dates set just yet, so the key operator here is that my first day on the job back in Barrie will be Monday July 21st.  I will be home a little sooner via a tailor-made suit store in Hong Kong and a vacation with my mother somewhere, but it’ll be family time and apartment cleaning time.  So I’m operating on July 21st being my first day “back” in the country.

In case you are wondering why:

  • No, I did not get fired by New Zealand;
  • No, they are not throwing me out of the country for smuggling tea;
  • Yes, I am looking forward to the Jays season (and cutting Reed Johnson was a GOOD call);
  • Yes, I have had a lovely stay and (will have, by the time departure day arrives) accomplished basically everything I wanted to.

So that’s the story.

I’d love to talk more, but Part 2 of the America’s Funniest Home Videos 2002 $100,000 prize show has just started.  Ha ha – a baby is picking her nose and eating the contents.  Americans!!!


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Terrific…glad you had such a great time….it’s terrific that Meridian wants / needs you back early and best of all….we get to see you !!!!

Comment by Blacksheep

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