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$30 in Free Pizza.
April 21, 2008, 10:10 pm
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As you probably do not know, I have been on a door prize drought at Tuesday Night Run Club (“the Loaded Hog 5k Race Series”) for four months now.  As you should know, we have a radio on most of the time in our open concept office.

When the bosses disappear during the day, I am apt to make repeated phone calls to local radio stations in vain attempts to win a prize of some sort.  I usually don’t know what I’m even trying to win most of the time.

Today, my luck changed.  After my usual accomplice in calling had left for the day, the Five O’Clock Knock Off contest on The Rock came on.  Here, the radio station plays two songs and the first caller through has to guess what theme the song is communicating.

And I won.

The song was Green Day’s “Holiday” off of the fantastic, essential-to-own, modern rock opera American Idiot.  I figured the theme was that the morning show team was away on holiday for the week, but the phone kept on ringing so I put the call out to the office, “Hey, who’s on holiday this week?  Did somebody’s vacation start?”

After about ten seconds, our newest hire mentioned that most school students started a school holiday this week, which would explain why I’ve been seeing more teenagers around lately.

To my shock, the radio station actually picked up and said, “So, mate, what’s the theme?”  I said, “It’s a school holiday!”  I was right.

I won $30 in pizza vouchers to Hell Pizza, which is like Little Caesar’s I imagine (we have Domino’s here).  They should arrive in the office mail on Thursday.

Hooray for me.  In other news, my cellphone is still on the fritz.  I’m not impressed that my provider has yet to mail through my new SIM card to me.


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Is it it the pizza that is arriving by office mail? Congratulations and enjoy!

Comment by nancy drew

Excellent…good for you…enjoy the “za”….

Comment by Blacksheep

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