Holy smokes, I Live in New Zealand.

May 6, 2008, 8:52 am
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Another okay band today.  I’m more posting about this group because they filmed their video at the Britomart Train Station, which I just walked through on my way to work from the ferry terminal.

Atlas.  They are sort of “supergroupie” in that they were assembled by a music producer who saw similar sounds in the group.  Their songwriting turned into a band in Los Angeles.  I can’t find much online about the group, but I suspect they are Aucklanders with one member from Christchurch and one from the States.

I’m only posting the one single today.  It went gold and stayed on top of the charts for over a month.  The song is simply called, “Crawl.”  The description on the Youtube page is awesome, and does not use proper New Zealand English:

The second single from Atlas…a concept video featuring Sean and Beth struggling to escape some unexplainable force while Ben and Andy attempt to rescue them.

Alternate link.

As for Britomart itself, this is behind the main entrance.  The steaming fountain does in fact give off steam.  There is a heater in the middle of the fountain.  It is a very neat, possibly forgotten, amenity item in the area.  Water overflows into it and…poof…steam!  The fountain base is largely glass so the sun shines through the ripples onto the train platforms below, which is an awesome effect.  The skyscrapers without people in front of them are CGI animation, I think.  They are most definitely not in Auckland.


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Un tres beau moustache, mon cher!! Le chapeay te va bien aussie ….

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