Holy smokes, I Live in New Zealand.

May 16, 2008, 10:55 am
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I draw my greatest musical comfort in, uh, comfortable rock music.  Pluto is that kind of comfortable band. They are unique enough to not have that Nickelbackish/Puddle of Muddy sound, but they aren’t “experimental” enough to be relegated to the ranks of college radio only.

What I thought was neat (courtesy of Wikipedia, of course) is that they are all Dalmatian (now part of Croatia…sort of like how a “Quebecois” might not want to be called “Canadian” but in an equally oversimplified way) in heritage. 

New Zealand actually has a very large Slavic community, particularly on the North Island.  Around 1900, give or take a few decades, emigration was driven by eastern European nations.  Canada was a preferred destination for farming peoples (Poles, Ukrainians, etc).  New Zealand was preferred for foresters and miners, and the first Dalmatians are assumed to have come to New Zealand from gold rush settlements in Australia and California.  Around that time, New Zealand was beginning to harvest kauri gum from old growth forests to the north of Auckland.  And to this day, many of the “welcome” signs/entrance features to communities are trilingual: English, Te reo/Maori, and a Slavic language (Croatian or Hungarian, chiefly). 

Anyways, enough about history and bogans and Westies, er, Westies.  The first Pluto song I heard was released a month after I landed in Auckland.  “French Grave.”  There’s a lot of Northland-looking forests in this video.

Alternate link.

And I will also put up, “Long White Cross” from a couple of weeks ago.

Alternate link.


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