Holy smokes, I Live in New Zealand.

May 31, 2008, 8:01 am
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The Tragically Hip of New Zealand (in terms of longevity and local popularity).

The Metallica of New Zealand (in that they are best slotted into that metal/new metal category).

The Flight of the Conchords of New Zealand (in that theirs was the only album in New Zealand to sell better that FOTC’s album when they released it at the beginning of May). I’ll have more on the Conchords upon my return from the South Island.

The discussion of hard rock in New Zealand begins and ends with Shihad, which is why I’ve put them last. Knowing my audience’s sensitivities makes it difficult to pick two videos of theirs to show off, however. There are a lot of bad CGI and heavy riffs in Youtube’s video vault.

So I’m posting the very-much-not-like-Shihad first single off their new album which dropped in April, “One Will Hear the Other.”

Alternate link.

And I will also post “Everything,” which was released during their Pacifier* days.

Alternate link.

But rest assured that the majority of their other tracks are total headbangers.

* – after September 11th, Shihad changed their name to “Pacifier” because Shihad kinda sorta sounds like “jihad” which was non grata at the time. They regret having ever made that change. Wikipedia does a neat job summarizing the events behind the switch.

And so ends New Zealand Music Month. Thanks for putting up with my self-indulgence this month.


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Thank you for your NZ Music Month indulgence, Joe. I’ve loved it, evn though I live here.

Shihad are fantastic. This link to a The Footy Show performance of ‘Comfort Me’ goes down as the best studio-venue live performance I’ve seen, that wasn’t on Later With Jools.

I rate Liam Finn’s performance of ‘Second Chance’ on Letterman highly also.

Love your work. Enjoy down south.

Comment by Karl

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