Holy smokes, I Live in New Zealand.

How My Run Went in Wellington.

I forgot to tell you about the run!

I ran next to the Wellington Marathon Suit Guy for about five minutes before he pulled away at the 6k mark.  I am so glad I was not in frame for the picture.

As for “how was the run,” it was 11 and rainy for 15k out of the 21k – I could’ve used boots, my feet were soaked through by 6k.  I was running a 1h40 pace through the 8k mark, but then I was clear soaked through and the nipple chafing began (remember that The Office episode where they did the Fun Run and Andy taped cotton balls to his chest?), then my iPod broke down due to wet and cold and I lost my pacing ability, and then the gusty winds picked up on the return leg (so much so that I felt more stationary than barely moving from 12k through 16k).

  • My first 10.5k I finished in 50 minutes – 303rd out of 1400+ runners and on target for 1h40!
  • My last 10.5k…yeah, 1h01 – 850th out 1400+ runners!
  • Overall 569th at 1h51m19.

It must’ve been one of the most positive split times of the day.  That’s a bad thing, by the way.

I threw away my running shirt, it was so wet and bloody across the chest.  No way that stain was coming out.

I also won (as a spot prize) a $150 “consultation” at a local gym.  I traded it for vouchers at a shoe store, which I gave to a coworker here because she always asks me questions about running.  Maybe this’ll get her started (or at least into professional race-walking).

Overall, I am actually really happy with how the run went.  If I had done a better job of eating in the days before the race (and not working until 10 PM four of the five nights that week) and had the weather been more favourable (on days like Sunday was, I don’t normally even go outside), I betcha I’d’ve made my 1h40 goal.

I am so looking forward to not doing any serious running for a month (Sunday mornings only, and probably only if weather permitting, and one night a week MAX).  I look forward to dominating in Barrie in a little under a month’s time.


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