Holy smokes, I Live in New Zealand.

No Pictures Break.
July 17, 2008, 2:03 pm
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After Hamner, I returned to Christchurch for a night of sleep.  The next step was a half marathon in Christchurch.  It didn’t go well.  I cramped up (or pulled a muscle, or something stupid like that) at 13k and hobbled most of the rest of the way.  That’s the last I will ever say of the Christchurch Marathon (the course was okay, a couple of the volunteers were jerks, and there was a group of Canadians running and I high fived them).

I then drove onward to Lake Tekapo for the night.  I stopped at a salmon farm along the way.  For $3, you got a little pail of food and could feed the fish.  They would frenzy around the food.  It was amongst the best $3 I have ever spent.

At Lake Tekapo, there was an outdoor skating rink and some hot pools (I don’t think they were geothermally powered).  I invited the hostelfolk out for a skate; nobody accepted the offer.  It started raining after while and the soft ice became more like slush.  I was one of the better skaters out there.

Admittedly, this is a very boring post.