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First Day at Work.
September 26, 2007, 8:03 pm
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First Day Fashion.

Today was my first day at work. After sorting out the final details about my new apartment (more on that this NZ weekend) and having one more scrap with my bank (grumble), I finally managed to drag myself to work and earn some money for myself. None of it billable – shout out to all my consultant friends out there. Most of today was spent reviewing legislation and policy documents applicable to Auckland Region, which of course needs to be done but makes for some pretty ho-hum storytelling.

Which is why we are going to talk FASHION tonight. Oh yes. Pictured above is our hero, sporting a vintage Tarleton pullover jumper sans collared shirt. This is incredibly trendy and functional, taking into consideration that our hero does not have a single article of wrinkle-free clothing to his name right now. A pair of brown Levi’s cotton pants provides an economical conclusion to this ensemble – that’s a $40 outfit you are looking at. Brown pants are so last year, but for some reason our hero can pull it off no matter what. The oversized (on a person with a normal sized head) aviators are from this (North American) summer’s Dockers line, a $25 accessory that screams trendy but at an appropriate scale with an appropriate reflection to render one anonymous within any public space. And of course, no Auckland ensemble would be complete without the requisite umbrella, this red and black number providing both local flavour and a little bit of spice to make even the quietest of kiwis exclaim “crikey dick!”  The shoes are faux suede Sketchers ideal for both the boardwalk and the boardroom, the most expensive piece at $70.

(Epilogue: I have built a whole new life for myself in a while new country in only 72 hours.)